Basic wardrobe study: A Sweater

The best moment to buy a boring = basic piece of clothing is sales. Something trendy lasts just a season or two, we all know that.

Hence, the basic word. But it doesn't mean that your basic wardrobe clothes are supposed to be boring, the key is to choose that boring "sweater" that will correspond to your personal style. What it may be, I have no idea, and nobody else does, sadly. Up to you to decide

The neutral palette is the quintessence of all the stylists, wardrobe gurus, shopping assistants, or whatever they call themselves. The people who dare to ask you money for their precious opinion, on how you are supposed to dress.

But why are you supposed to own a neutral clothing? Because no matter what you combine with black, for example, it's going to look good. It's just easy. Easy for them, easy for you, easy for everybody who is going to look at you. If pleasing everyone's eye and expectation is what you desire.

Sweaters are great.

A Big and beautiful oversized sweater with an interesting texture, is a must-have in my wardrobe. You should own minimum 2. Worn as they are, or tied up with a belt. I can not imagine that you can wear something with a sweater, and it's not going to look good.

*The best ones are always sold at men's sections.

Personally I like to wear mine with jeans, flare or straight. Or midi skirts.

  1. The most versatile color is black. Black sweaters will look good mixed with black leather bottom, blue jeans, or this year it's often worn with brown

2. Grey or white, are my second favorite colors for basic sweaters. Grey would look amazing with green neon, or pink? The white one is made for a total white cozy look.

3. Beige sweater will look amazing with black bottom, monochromatic look.

4. Red and navy sweaters

5. Hoodie-like sweater

6. Blue

7. Green, or army print

8. Leopard print is also a classic; Instantly regret the leopard sweater i sold a while ago. But leopard looks amazing when worn with pink, trust me.

I can only share my opinion, and if you like the way I dress, maybe you can follow my advice, if not... then you don't

Have a great week.



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