Trends for Summer 2020: Ankle lace-up

It’s impossible to track where all that Lacing came from, it’s been around for ages, but never went massive, recently, I’ve noticed many people around lacing up their Converse sneakers around the ankles for last couple of years, then the Bottega made it global on their 19 prefall, it’s probably trickle up. Who cares though, it does look cool. It’s a new way of wearing your classic wide trousers and lace up sandals, a sustainable approach, and that’s we’re all about this year.

The best combinations is with the suit, (because the suit is a trend as well) with a high heel or espadrillas (as JW Anderson did).

Looks amazing on everyone.

I’ve seen people lacing their jeans this way, can’t say that I’m a huge fan, but it works, doesn’t it? Also, wide jean is trendy, on it’s own.

Then, If you wear a dress with a trousers, a huge trend now, you’ve already won, you can level it up with an ankle lace up, then you can go out even without makeup no one will notice, they will be blinded with how fashionable you are

Or, If you don't have any suitable lace up shoes already, and it’s not something that you might be wearing any time soon, you’re a sneakers' person, whatever, so try the trousers with the ankle belt detail.

By the way, any wide trousers can be made into the ankle detailed ones! how? get creative, you know, the ribbons, the laces, the belts, the tissues, the scarves, the chains whatever can work, your socks even. It’s up to you to decide.

Have the fun quarantine:)

The summer is coming! xx

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