Trends for Spring-Summer 2020: Polka Dots

Polka Dots print will be a big trend this summer!

And besides, we can consider it Basic wardrobe piece, since it's there every year, and every season. If you don't have it in your wardrobe already, I would consider buying a dress, or a shirt and a skirt, which can be worn together or apart.

Easy to combine, with basics, looks extremely cool with florals, like Richard Quinn did!

If you are like me obsessing over those Comme des Garçons sneakers, maybe it is the right time to buy them!

Introducing color in our dark boring wardrobes!

By the way, it is considered that Carolina Herrera was the first to make polka dots look cool in the 80s, but who knows for sure. And before the invention of the printed fabric, the flamenco dancers used to sew the coins or small mirrors on to their dresses.

Here is my Pinterest board on Polka dots https://www.pinterest.fr/eka_ova/runway-looks-for-spring-summer-2020/polka-dots/

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