Trend for Summer 2020: A vest.

Each and every designer this season remembered about existence of A Vest, and created their own version. Which is quite interesting for us, because it means you can wear any vest, and you will be trendy. There are no rules. Not any specific material or color. Total freedom.

Here is some cool ways how you can style almost any vest.

The bravest and the coolest way is to wear the vest on it's own, as a Top, whatever you will put on the bottom will work.

Or if you prefer a more layered look you can go for a 3-piece suit, like back in the days.

Where you can shop a suit vest:

Here are some different ways to style any vest:

Another cool type of vest that you can start wearing immediately is a Sleeveless Blazer.

Here where you can shop a sleeveless blazer:

Or another cool type of vests seen on the catwalk this season is a long west or a sleeveless coat, whatever you call it, looks amazing

Buying a Vest is a good investment, but I'm pretty sure you all own one already, it's just a right time to find it in your closet and to start wearing it once again.

Have fun xx

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