Tips on how to shop during quarantine (or not to shop)

Are one of those who are shopping for unnecessary stuff online because of boredom? All of us are home alone, with our credit cards ready, not knowing where to spend our money! As ill-luck would have it, there are sales everywhere, free deliveries, promo codes, etc... So the big question is: How not to end up spending all your money on the pointless shit? If the pair of boots will catch my eye, The first thing I would actually do is: I would go to sleep! And guys, It can be painful! Because I imagine all the scenarios, where millions of shoppers from around the world are buying MY BOOTS, in my size, while I'm here wasting my time sleeping. Sometimes those will pass, especially if the boots were not that big of a deal. But if the next day, I would still be trembling for that pair, because most of the time you will just forget, then I know that I really want them. Then my second step will be to analyze if I really Need the boots. As simple as it is, I would go in front of my wardrobe, or the place where you stock your shoes, and sometimes you can discover that you already own something quite similar, that were never worn by the way. Or you can even realize, that the sneakers that you are wearing are sad to look at, or each time when you need to go out, there are no high heels to wear. Or you do have a list of things that you would like to own, and those boots are not on that list. Think guys! Then, after you've figured out that you want and need the boots, your next step will be to see, if it is good timing. Personally, I believe that each time you buy something, a new toy needs to be played with. We are buying our wedding dress before the wedding day, so we will have what to wear, the same with the boots if it is getting warm soon, and the boots will have to wait until next season, just don't. Psychologically you will consider them old already, and probably will not even wear them. And the last but not least, you're buying new clothes to actually wear them somewhere, right? Often we would own 10 pairs of shoes, but would wear only one pair, which looks worn out. You don't have to buy yourself something different each time, if you're wearing sneakers generally, then buy yourself a new pair of sneakers. Every "style icon" is famous for dressing, in the same way, all the time. You just how to find what looks cool on you, and voilà. Even though I believe that sometimes new clothes bring you to new places, it doesn't always work this way, and people end up just stocking their wardrobes with stuff that they never wear. Basically, that is all. If all those points are positive for you, then you definitely should get the boots. Not to forget the banalities like quality and materials. And don't forget that cheaper doesn't always mean better, only the cheese in a mousetrap is free. Have a happy shopping! xx

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