This week's obsession: A Corset

The complete shopping guide, for choosing a corset.

A corset is one of the biggest trends of the moment. If you only had to get one Top for this summer, It should be it. It flatters every body type, it can be styled in a million ways, and it looks amazing in pictures.

0. Vintage Style Corset.

If you want to look like a modern version of a renaissance painting

Vintage Medieval Corset Shape

1. Bustier Corset top

Try to opt for ones With bones

Bustier corset top

2. Leather Corset

You can choose one, that is more like a belt, or a harness. Makes every white t-shirt looks cool.

3. Lace-Up Corset

The best date night look

3.1 Lace-Up Skirt

If you don't really need a new top, get yourself a lace-up skirt

4. Lingerie

If you are brave enough and invest in a good quality lingerie, you can wear it out as a top. Style it with a blazer, or a white shirt like Monica Belucci.

5. Under bust corset

Style it with a t-shirt, or a t-shirt dress, white shirt,

Hope that was useful!

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