The Hottest Summer Sandals

Alors, this Summer we should all be wearing sandals!

Everything is easy: Platforms rule, 2000s style. The chunkier, the better.

Or you go as minimalistic as almost bare feet kind of shoe.

Here is my selection of the cutest sandals you should shop for:

summer sandals shoes shopping selection

1. The Flip-Flops.

On platform, so minimalistic almost invisible, with kitten heel, it's you who choose.

You don't necessarily have to go black, it's just my preference

The hottest Flip Flops are from The Row.

flip flops, platform flip flops, shopping, style, cute summer shoes

2. Fisherman Sandals

I've read somewhere that fisherman sandals will be a big hit next year.

The uglier, the better. Haha

fisherman sandals styles

3. Chunky Sandals

Well, I believe that Chanel started this obsession last year, and I totally get it

Don't forget to style them with knitted socks when the weather gets colder!.

chunky sandals, shopping, style

4. Slippers

I love that we can wear comfy shoes now and still look stylish

My Favorite slippers are from Suicoke.

Slippers shopping guide

5. Open Toe Mules

Every it Girl of the moment wears a pair of those, the ones from Gucci are not so expensive BTW

Open Toe Mules

5. Dual Strap Sandals

A cute pair of Birkenstock is a summer classic now, or you can get a more feminine option. Anyway, Dual Strap Sandals look so pretty

Dual Strap Sandals, Braided Sandals, Puffy Sandals

6. Braided/ Puffy Sandals

I still see those around, even though this trend was way bigger last year. STill cute

7. Toe Loop Sandals

Toe Loop Sandals make the feet look interesting.

Toe Loop Sandals

8. Lace Up Sandals

You can still Lace Up your straps around your trousers. Like we all did last year.

Click on this button to see the styling tips

The gladiator lace- up sandals is a classic.

Lace up sandals

* Ankle Bracelet

Please don't forget to style all of those sandals with a cute ankle bracelet. A little detail always goes a long way!

Ankle bracelet, Anklet


Hope you liked it!

xx Eka

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