The Coolest knits to buy now

Sharing the items from my to-buy list, that I think you should put on yours too. The selection of knitted tops mentioned below would be very trendy through the entire 2021.

0. Knitted sweater

Oversized Sweater a basic wardrobe piece, you should own a couple, preferably of natural colors, such as black, beige, white or gray. But you can go for the bright ones too, basic can get boring sometimes.

The bigger the weave, the more stylish it looks.

sweater, knits, beige, shopping, must have, outfits, trendy
Knits: The coolest sweaters to buy

1. Bolero sweater.

My personal fave. Makes every outfit 10 times more elaborate.

Style it over any tank top, sports bra, even a swimsuit, or a dress.

Fashion trend, how to style, to buy, Bolero sweater, knits, shopping
Knits: Bolero sweater, a must have for 2021

2. Sweater Vest.

A Vest Looks the coolest over shirt dress. Or worn on its own.

And with the basics such a t-shirt, turtleneck top.

sweater vest, trendy, outfits, shopping, must-have, knits

3. Cardigan.

A Cardigan Worn as a top without anything underneath, looks amazing. Every it-girl, from Bella to Katie Holmes, wears it this way with jeans, so shall we.

Cardigan, shopping, must-have, trendy

4. Sleeveless turtleneck top.

A sleeveless turtleneck can be hard to find, so whenever you see one, you should get it.

You can style it with a blazer, and high waist trousers

Sleeveless turtleneck top, must have, shopping

5. Hoodie, sweatshirt

You can never own too many hoodies, I would rather go for a tracksuit, I'm digging the lilac this season.

Must have, hoodie, sweatshirt, tracksuit, shopping guide, casual outfits
Knits: Sweatshirt, hoodies

Hope that was useful!

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Take care,

Eka x

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