The Best Swimwear trends for this summer

With all this pandemic situation, unfortunately most of our vacation plans got cancelled. We might not have the ability to travel the world, but it doesn't mean that there are no great holiday destinations in our own countries. A new stylish swimsuit is a must-buy this season, no matter what! Here are 6 swimsuit styles for you to try this summer.

Asymmetry is a big trend this summer.

The asymmetric bikini + high-waisted bottom or Asymmetric one piece swimsuit are my favorite styles. I love the fact, that this shape is not so revealing, which will help me hide the extra ice cream, that I ate during quarantine.

The swimsuits with various sorts of wraps and with a lace-up details.

Metallic bikinis are Kim Kardashians favorites

Leopard print in swimwear became somewhat classic already.

This summer the biggest trend is to wear your swimsuit as a Top, the bra-like tops are everywhere, so choose your swimsuit wisely, so you can wear it both at the beach and in the office.


Here are my 6 swimwear trends for you to try this summer.

Hope you found something useful

xx Eka

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