Sunglasses Guide 2021

Every summer, the same dilemma. Which sunglasses should I buy? Here is my selection for the trendiest sunglasses shapes for this season/year.

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This year, we are into retro shades, everything in between 70s to 2000s is considered trendy. The form should be rather slimline, but since it isn't the most flattering one, you can still go for large shades.

  1. Rimless Sunglasses, is my favorite, R&B video vibe. To Wear it with a shiny lip gloss!

rimless sunglasses, fashion, trends, summer sunglasses

2. Tinted sunglasses, or tinted glass. Looks very trendy, match it with a bright lip

Tinted Sunglasses, trends, fashion, summer, shopping, style, stylist

3. Glasses Chain, is a must-have, you can wear any glasses with it, and it will make your outfit 10 times more stylish. You can get one in pearls, or any other kind of beads. Depending on what's your style

Sunglasses, glasses chain, trends, summer, fashion, style, stylist, shopping

4. Rectangle or Oval Sunglasses. The new classic, get it in black or in tortoiseshell colors.

Rectangle sunglasses, oval sunglasses, summer, fashion, shopping, trends, style, stylist

5. Cat-Eye Sunglasses, a classic, but get them in slim, gives a lifting effect on your face and 6. Flat-Top Sunglasses, would give the opposite one

Cat-Eye sunglasses shades, Flat- Top, Flat Brow, stylist selection, shopping guide, fashion trends, summer 2021

7. Oversized or Shield Shades., you can get it tinted, or classic dark.

Oversized sunglasses shades, Shields, stylist selection, shopping guide, fashion trends, summer 2021

8. Square or Round Aviators.

Good Old classic, the most flattering form.

Square Aviators, Round Aviator sunglasses shades, stylist selection, shopping guide, fashion trends, summer 2021

Let me know which one is your favorite! Or if you have any questions

Take Care,

Eka xx

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