How to style a Scarf this summer

I felt like talking about Scarves today, for a certain reason. Because they are hyping again! And the best part is that everyone owns one of those already!

A while ago, every fashionista, got herself a bright silk scarf, for example "Carré" from Hermés. We all used to put them on our handbags and necks, obviously, and then it became kinda classic, hence not so interesting to wear anymore.

But! recently we are seeing more and more street style fashion icons incorporating silk scarves in their wardrobes once again, but this time, nobody wears them directly as a Scarf!

The trendies way of all, is to wear your "carré" as a top. It can be knotted in the front or behind, either way looks interesting. Everyone from Kardashions to Hadids wears their scarves this way, so should you!

You can always throw a shirt or a leather blazer over it.

Also, you can incorporate your scarf, as if it as a part of your jacket, like a prolongation of it. You can tuck it in a pocket, and fix it with a pin, or even a broche (we should make them come back too).

As scarf can be thrown over a shoulder, this was you look will have the "fashion statement" side and create some asymmetry, which is trendy.

Worn with a shirt-dress is so cool, it simultaneously looks like a skirt or a belt. But I can't say that the visuals I have found, to illustrate this, capture how stylish it can look.

Obviously, we all know that we can wear a scarf as a belt now, or just tuck it in the pocket, so it will just hang there freely, it looks pretty in movement

And the last but not least is to style it as A Bandana.

Everyone should try this style, at least at the beach, no more caps from nightclubs that you go to please.


Here are my 7 ways how to style a Scarf.

Hope you enjoyed and found something useful for yourself!

Take care!

xx Eka

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