How and why watching fashion shows?

If fashion is somewhat your interest, or a certain designer, or a brand, and you want to know more about his universe... Or for a real reason like "Nothing to wear! Tired of all your clothes! Everything you own is old-fashioned! And there is not enough money to change the whole wardrobe!"

Anyway, fashion shows are a great way for us to get inspired, find some ideas we can try or styling tricks. It never hurts to change up the way you dress up. Me, as a stylist, I have to know the most fashion shows and have an opinion on it, but honestly that is tiring to watch them all. So if there is no need, just choose the brands that you really like and watch those.


When just starting out, it can be quite overwhelming and unclear. Here are some tricks that I use:

1. It's all about the style.
Fashion shows are not about clothes at all, since the models are walking quite fast, it is almost impossible to properly see anything. Catwalks are about "the image", which we should want to try on partially or as a whole. And also what impression we want to make on others. Doesn't matter what you wear, it matters how you look in those clothes, honestly.

Let me show you on an example:

The model is wearing brown suede perforated dress. The dress is large, roughly belted by the rope, showing a waistline. With a very deep V-neck, emphasized by the long chain with pendant.

She is carrying a large wicker bag, in emerald, which makes a great combination with brown btw. The elegant white shoes paired with aquamarine socks; The combination of earthy colors, reminding of the sea.

She is looking fatigued from something, hair in the messy bun, dark kohl and glitter on the eyes, maybe a party? We don't know.

I would name this look -

The Effortless Cruise chic, even though it's very well thought through. And the word Harmony comes to mind

Fendi RTW Spring-Summer 2020 runway. Photo courtesy Vogue.com

2. Pay attention for the details and accessories.
The details make the look! There is a large team working on fashion show, a specific professional is in charge of a certain part of the outfit, So please next time, besides clothes, pay attention to: the hair styles, hair cuts, or even colors, the make up looks, nail styles, all that. Your appearance does the large impact on the impression that you give. And please check the accessories: bags, belts, scarves, jewels and Shoes; those babies never get enough credit, but they make the outfit! That's what you should invest in.

As the proof, here is the image from the same catwalk and same designer and similar large oversized dress, worn with a green bag. But does it look the same? It does not! The story here is so different, the haircut, big plastic sunglasses, the bright color of that large bag,

This look is sharp and edgy, add up confidence and makes her ready to conquer a big city.

Fendi RTW Spring-Summer 2020 runway. Photo courtesy Vogue.com

3. Check for the stuff you already own
Personally, when I'm watching fashion shows, I'm searching for the ways I can wear the stuff that I already own. We all have those boxes in the basement filled with the stuff we don't wear anymore, it is quite normal to get tired of wearing the same clothes all the time. Especially when you are wearing them in the same way, fashion shows are filled with ideas of how we can spice things up. Combine not only colors, but textures, materials, shapes, silhouettes. Add accessories. There are so many ways to wear just the plain white t-shirt.

This catwalk image for example reminded me that I already have a long navy dress, similar to this one, and a red bag. Which I didn't wear for ages. The only lacking peace is the beige jacket, but I have one in white, still going to look cool, or even with a denim jacket.

Lanvin RTW Spring-Summer 2020 runway. Photo courtesy Vogue.com

4. Get creative
It is not cool anymore to buy a "new wardrobe every season", it is cool to be sustainable though, and to get only something that will last at least until your grand kids, if not longer. But, you know what is cool? when you get creative with the stuff you own, and you get you scossors, needles or whatever and create something yourself. It can be just a slight modification, like a length of your skirt, and the thing will become brand new. Or if you consider yourself being that bad, you can use the help of professionals, like me. Don't forget our parents used to boil jeans, and they turned out fine (childhood in the poor countries be like)

For example this season vests will be a huge trend. But actually there is no need to buy one. If by any chance in your wardrobe there is an old jacket you never wear, just cut the sleeves out, you can give it a go with a sewing machine or leave the borders untouched as they are. Should turn out cool!

David Koma RTW Spring-Summer 2020 runway. Photo courtesy Vogue.com

So, I hope all that advice will be useful for you. Don't forget that besides fashion shows there are magazines, blogs, instagrams, youtube channels, tiktok, whatever platform you like. Search for new ideas everywhere, don't give up on the way you look, stop complaining that there is nothing to wear, do something about it. Try new things, be creative and brave. Otherwise, you might die without knowing that you looked amazing in red cape and yellow furs.

Here you can see my selection of looks from runways that I loved, both male and female


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