Eyewear trends for 2020

Which sunglasses or glasses you should buy and or wear this summer?

It is up to you to decide, because you have a lot to choose from.

Finally, there is no more distinction between men and women eyewear trends.

But you should opt for narrow shapes, like rectangle, oval, cat eye, hexagons or whatever, but your glasses should be narrow. Hello 2000s again.

But narrow sunglasses do not fit any face type, for sure.

Thank god, any huge Shades, looking like a snowboarding mask or the large squared aviators are still on trend

Round glasses or sunglasses became the classic shape, fits all, suits all.

And Since we are in the 2020, the fashion 10-year cycle logic, calls us to look back,to revisit the 2000s.

So you can try any of those sunglasses shapes mentioned above, but with the tinted glass. That would be the trend on the trend.

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