About trends and their impact on us

It seems like only yesterday we were still making plans for the new year, but here we are, almost in spring. March is famous in the fashionista's agenda, not like September, but still. Soon enough all the stores will get rid of the "old" winter clothing and display the new collections Spring-Summer RTW 2020. Despite it might still be snowing outside, it does not matter, it's time to prepare ourselves for summer.

Obviously, every fashion-related magazine or website already offered us their opinions or reviews on THE TRENDS. (I left some links below)

The conversation sounds familiar: Safari, florals or pastels..., like if I heard it every summer for the past 10 years? With Neon and Feathers trying to slide in the DMs once again.

Why there are trends that don't leave for ages and others being hardly acknowledged?

Feels like we actually need to morally prepare ourselves to let something new in. In the beginning, we would see the catwalk images all over the media with models wearing "feather dresses" let's say. A couple months later or straight away, the wave of influencers and celebrities will follow up and show us how to rock it on a daily basis. Then Vogue or some other edition will officially confirm, that feathers are a trend now, so by the time it gets to the store, we might get used to the idea that feather dress is something that we do really need in our wardrobes right now. Apparently, it takes around 6 months, for us to see something new and to get used to it.

What is fun, is that the items that will arrive in the stores soon, were ordered by the Buyers already 6 months ago, imagine? During the September Fashion week period. How did they know what is going to be trendy so far from the moment? What source do they rely on? We do have all the websites and magazines saying us what to buy today, but who told them what to sell? Do they just blindly trust their gut? Or they choose what they like and hope that their client will like it too? Or do they simply follow the budget? Or is it a lottery after all?

Today we know that Neon colors will be a huge hit. And for example, Balenciaga did the neon dresses, And, the store or a website, where you usually shop, or better say the buyer from this store instead of the neon yellow ordered this dress in let's say Blue. Whereas the shop next door did. Will he win the customer over?

Happily for us, and sadly for our budget, there is a mass market. For them due to the lack of quality, it takes way less time to produce a certain garment. So no matter what, we will have access to buy something neon.

But since there are so many trends every season many of them risk staying unnoticed.

We can often see one or another appear online or on a catwalk but it just doesn't become what people will accept to wear or do.

Many "genius" ideas get lost, and several months or years later get rediscovered and hit the right spot. And no one would care for who originally invented it.

Moreover, not everyone is brave enough to start wearing yellow boots if there is nobody around doing it already. As the members of the society, we generally want to fit in.

As we were taught at school to conclude every writing:

Trends need time to enter properly our mindset before entering our lives.

That's all

Here are some websites where you can check out the trends if you haven't done it already:







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